Joshua Graverholt


Eyes: Blue/Green
Height: 6’4”

Joshua Graverholt is a New York based Actor, Comedian, Musician, and Voice-Over artist. In Middle School, discovering his passion for music, he learned how to play the clarinet.

After deciding that his 6'4 frame was too large for the clarinet, he made an attempt to drastically boost his sex appeal; he quickly switched to the Baritone Saxophone. This went on for many years until one day Joshua was sitting in band class next to the bassoon player who happened to be his current high school crush.

While too shy to talk to her directly, Joshua overheard a conversation in which she stated that she was trying out for the school musical. Joshua, quick on his feet, interjected without thinking and broadly proclaimed, "Oh! Hey... Yeah, I'm doing that too." What followed was a montage-worthy journey into the world of theatrical art.

From High School theatre, to Community theatre, to Dinner theatre, to Equity theatre, to International touring, to making videos on his phone, and now to this website. What comes next? Who knows, but it's going to be epic. Also, the bassoon player ended up dating someone else. He's still heartbroken. It's fine though. He copes with humor.